From Everlasting To Everlasting

 Is there anything that lasts anymore in a world that only changes?

I remember watching Interstellar for the first time and being captivated by something as grand and neverending as space and time itself. Yet thinking, “Is there something even greater?”

The film concludes that only love can transcend both time and space. That it truly is the one thing that has no beginning and no end.

It is Everlasting.

Joshua Tree National Park — 2015

Think of everything you’ve loved in this life. Past, present, even future. Think of everyone you’ve loved the most. The ones you would cross any distance to profess your devotion. The ones you would risk anything for.

This feeling, this knowledge, is something beyond our conscious understanding. It comes from somewhere else. It’s the only force that continues to go further than anything we comprehend and has the power to change anyone and even time, history, and the future itself.

So where does this love exist? How can it remain true against the test of time? How do you protect it and let it flourish against all odds? And how could you bare to let it go if it seems to no longer exist?

Tofino Bay Canada — 2011

To find it, your life’s purpose must be to seek its source. It will take believing it still exists. Remembering that we have met its undeniable force before inside our hearts and know the depths it has reached. Understanding that it is a rare and timeless treasure in a world that only offers change. Many will remain unconvinced though and believe that it must not be available for them anymore. Many will lose hope.

Too many times, the pain of betrayal and loss have proven to be the greater force. More unbelievable than love itself. Leaving us to carry only the heaviness of an empty heart that now outweighs what once was full. With fear being the only convincing reality to grip, we rationalize that it’s safer to preserve our heart than to risk releasing it to love again.

Death Valley — 2015

But, if you desire to be loved again, fear cannot win. If you long to love again, you must search your own heart and connect it to a greater source where love begins with the healing properties it embodies. It might cost more pain and even forgiveness, but you are investing in the restoration of your heart and the ability to freely move it and enable it to live again. And to possibly love again.

To find that your capable of being loved and recovered again, no matter what has been done. This power changes everything. It’s beyond what you or I could believe.

Nothing else can transform who you were and who you are to become. It will be your life’s work to trust in it, but the opportunity is available always, because yes, this is love in it’s truest form.

It transcends all. It conquers all. It is everlasting to everlasting.

Pismo Sand Dunes, CA — 2015

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