Hey Friends, 
Welcome to our our page. We are glad you're here! So, a little bit about Then, Now, Always and why I started it. 
Throughout my life as a creative I have been drawn to words and the meanings we can form by writing, reading, hearing or speaking them. Simply put, words carry weight. And how we express them defines the language of our hearts and the truth within them. What we say and how we say it continues to shape the realities we come to know. The relationships we keep or let go of. The words spoken over us impact what we believe to be true about who we are. They are like seeds that get planted into our hearts until you start to believe something about them. For better or worse, words have power. Even the power of life and death. They are meant to evoke you. What words are you listening to and what are they creating in you?
All my life, I’ve been fascinated by communication and how we relate to one other. I long continually for connection and have loved connecting so many of my friends together to form wider relational resources. It gives me life. I feel at times I get a chance to create life, relationships, and invaluable memories with the time I've been given. 
It's my desire and honor to share these words with you. But I can’t take any of the credit. These are words that have been spoken over me and continue to have a lasting impact. These are the words that give us life. These are the words that we can believe with all our hearts. Though these are not my words, the've become the language I long to speak. They are my life, my faith, and what gives us meaning and purpose is to share them with anyone who is willing to open their minds and understand something deeper in their hearts.
Let these sayings create faith within you. Let your life be the response of what they create in you. And above all, test them and see if they are true as I did and watch your life begin to unfold into something deeper than you ever imagined.