Hey Friends, 
Welcome to our our page. I'm so glad you're here!  
Throughout my life I've been drawn to words and the meanings they form when we read them, write them, or speak them. Simply put, words carry weight and leave an imprint on us. How we express them reveals the inner language of our hearts and the depths of our being. We long to commune from this place and be known by one another. 
Words are powerful ideas that bear witness to what we believe and what we believe matters. What we put on our bodies is deeply connected to what we put in our minds. We have a relationship to clothing. Clothing is identification. We are committed to clothing not just the body but also the spirit. For what is pleasing and beautiful are the words of life. The ones to remember, to sustain, and to renew every fiber of our being until we are made whole.
We believe God pursues each one of us uniquely and is committed to clothe us in His spirit and renew every fiber of our being until we are made whole.
Mission Statement
Then, Now, Always is the promise that no matter what changes in your life there is a love that will never change for you. It is the unfathomable love of God who gave up his only son so that we may live a life stronger than death
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  - Hebrews 13:8
We want this claim to captivate your every thought, restore your heart, and transform what you believe about the God who called you into being and sees you as His beloved own. 
They evoke us and can change us completely.
Then, Now, Always has been the call and constant reminder spoken through my life that brought irreversible change and ultimately restored my faith back to God when I had walked away. These were the words that have followed me all the days of my life and finally gave me new life. These are the promises I will continue to trust with all my heart. They've become the language I've longed for and were the spark that reignited meaning and purpose I had been searching for all my life. It's my honor and desire to share them with you and to anyone who is willing to open their heart and let God create something out of nothing as He did for me. May this faith move you towards cultivating and restoring the earth as you love, nurture, and sustain the ones you have in front of you. May you dwell in the presence and peace of these eternal promises and the joy He has made for you and I to live into.
Vision Statement
Our hope and desire is to genuinely reconnect each other through deeper conversations about faith and where our stories meet God's unfailing love and relentless pursuit to win back our hearts. 
What We Believe
This is a human thing. The fact that we were thought of, called into existence, and get the chance to live and love is miraculous. We were created out of love. We have a creator. We did not come from nothing. Our minds, bodies, and hearts fully function together from the core of who we are...our soul. We are hardwired with the same spirit of life that longs for relationship and the desire to be known and loved. Eternity has been set in our hearts from the very beginning and we were made for life not death. 
We believe that every story comes to an end. Though we don't know the end yet, we have a story that God gives and tells us the ending. He calls us to go all in because there is a better story and a real ending.