- Troy Lano (Founder)
Throughout my life I've been drawn to words and the meanings they carry as we write them and speak them into existence. Simply put, words carry weight and leave a lasting imprint on us. Words create paths in our journey as we embody their meaning and define our lives by them. Words become flesh as we wear them in our hearts, on our backs, and in our tattoos. 
We have a deep and complex relationship though with how we appear on the outside. What we put on our bodies is deeply connected to what we put in our minds. Clothing is identity. It marks not only who we believe we are, but what we want others to believe about us. And what we believe matters more now than ever.  
Mission Statement
We're not here to sell you clothes. Our message exists to change you from the inside. 
Then, Now, Always has been the message woven throughout my life that changed everything in it. The promise that no matter what changes, there is a God in heaven who's love never changes for you. His love pursues you from beginning to end by His word that actually became flesh and gives you a new life. 
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  
- Hebrews 13:8
It has been my life's calling to remind you of this eternal perspective in a time that is uncertain and in a world that is temporary. We exist to connect your path back to the lasting word of God where your faith can be restored and your life can be renewed just as mine was when I had walked away. 
Vision Statement
Devoted to the Spirit
 By renewing the unfailing word of God that transforms your heart. 
Dedicated to the Life
By revealing the presence of God that opens your perspective.
Driven by the Faith
By rediscovering the heart of God that leads to your true humanity.
Desire for the Eternal
By restoring the vision of God that establishes your original identity.
What I Believe
  • I believe things that are impossible to this world. 
  • I believe words matter. Words create and God's word became flesh to give us eternal life.  
  • I believe faith is not a decision nor can it be produced. It can only be given. Faith is a response that you either reject or receive.
  • I believe there's a greater story that defines your past, present, and future through love and redemption with a real ending that lasts forever.  
  • I believe this is more than a religious thing. This is a human thing. We're born to belong and be loved in relationship that never ends. Religion is what connects the relationship, but it is not the thing that saves. God speaks to the core of being human and changes our nature. Not just our behavior. When our desires are changed we find our lives change too. 

What are the words you're carrying right now? Who's words do you wear? It's time to start caring about the words we use and stop throwing them around. Start to take words seriously. Start with words that give you life, hope and eternity. Put them on and see what happens inside. It's not about religion. It's about words. Words that last. Words that have meaning. Words that give faith and create life.