“For though we fall, we will rise again. Though we sit in Darkness now, the Lord will give us Light.” - Micah 7:8
Recognized as the finest and most extensive coastal dunes remaining in California, the Oceano Sand Dunes were first inhabited by the Chumash Native Americans well before the 1700’s and since have been sought after by explorers, seekers, artists and hermits who believed the dunes were a place of creative energy and solitude unmatched. 
I woke up early in October to catch the sunrise to the east while the golden coast lay just behind the other side of the dunes and I began to understand the unmatched solitude and stillness the seekers and roamers before me had found.
There are fewer places that I have been that feel like they take you away to another country or even another world as you stand in the vast design of shapes amongst the Dunes. Depending on where you stood, perception would defy reality and you began to wonder if you were looking outward or upward. The sand was the finest I had ever touched and time didn’t feel real anymore. All I could sense was something eternal. 
Fun Fact: The original 1923 “The Ten Commandments” movie was filmed here to recreate ancient Egypt and the massive props used were buried onsite to prevent reuse until 2013.