“Lift up your eyes to the heavens and see: who created the stars? He who brings them out like an army, one after the other, calling each by it’s name. Because of his greatness and incomparable strength, not a single one is missing.“ - Isaiah 40:26

Page, AZ is uniquely Navajo and borders the Navajo Nation. Thousands come to visit the iconic Horseshoe Bend every year and t is cut by the Colorado River. 

It was the morning of Valentines Day and we had came to watch the sunset the night before over Horseshoe Bend. We had absolutely no where to stay that night in the desert so we ended up camping out in the dirt parking lot after all the tourists left. I’ll never forget that night as my wife and I stuck our heads out the window together and fell asleep from staring at the vastness of the universe and the millions of stars for over an hour or so. To comprehend the amount of space our eyes held and to fathom the span of time was enough to wear our minds and hearts to sleep. I think it is meant to be this way. We find ourselves looking into nothing and at the same time everything. 

The next morning I woke up to experience the same nothingness as I approached the mighty overlook and watched everything begin to happen as the sun came up behind me and set the walls and cliffs on fire with its amazing brushes of light. It was just a vastness that spanned beyond what my eyes could view. Just like the night before…. Everything felt so far away, yet it felt as intimate as falling asleep and waking up next to your true lover.