What is Then, Now, Always?

Then, Now, Always is a lifestyle brand devoted to connecting to people at a heart level and offering inspiration and encouragement through intentional conversations about faith and how our stories connect to God's meaning and purpose for us. Then, Now, Always exists to reveal and affirm /restore/influence others to encounter/return/contemplate/trust in the unfathomable love God has for them and how He calls us to return to His presence and peace to transform our world. 


What do the triangles mean?

One Triangle represents "Then" the other "Now" and as they overlap the middle represents "Always" to symbolize eternal love and eternal life. 

Is this a religious thing or more spiritual?

This is a human thing. We all have minds, bodies, and hearts that are actively connected to a core of who we are (spirit). We were thought of and created out of a love much like a parent who wanted to have a child. We are all hardwired to long for relationships that never end and desire to be loved unconditionally. We were made for life and not death. From the beginning, eternity was set in our hearts. 

How/Why did you start all this?