Everything in your life is going to change on you. Your mind, your heart, your feelings, your friends, your family. Everything is going to change in this life and the one thing that's gonna stay the same is that God's love for you is not going to change. God's love is there Yesterday, Today, and Forever and that's what Then, Now, Always represents. 

I had to learn the hardest lessons of my life as the band wasn’t making it...and putting in all my passion, putting in all my time, all my energy, and starting to realize that this was the first lesson I was going to learn about loss in my life, and giving something up that needed to possibly be broken down. 
Being on tour and realizing that the name Then, Now, Always, when I saw it on a poster, and Jesus was hanging on a cross, and said... “Jesus Then, Now, Always”
...that was the start to this thing that first became an album title...the album title then became a symbol of the triangles... and that became a life verse in my own life. 
When we learn those lessons in life, when we learn loss, and we learn about giving something up, and we learn about letting something go, something happens in our hearts and something really kinda triggers in our souls that gives us a sense of freedom that we didn't even know was possible. 
That's really kind of the start of this Then, Now, Always thing. Because, if i think about someone that buys a necklace from us or someone that buys a t-shirt and it says something on it, it's an opportunity that opens up where we're just talking about real things again…we're talking about our faith. Our relationships that we’ve created are all we get to take away. 
We're meant for meaning, we're meant for community, we're meant for impacting each others lives, we're meant to have people impact our lives. We just need to be in those certain people's lives that need to have a chance to strike up the conversation about what life means to them and then just step out in faith knowing that we're not going to have all the answers. And what does that look like to trust the father that loves us perfectly if he has the answers for us, and we just have to step out in faith and believe that that's actually real? 
Troy Lano (Founder)