When Your in the Desert

You'll find there is just something about getting out here. Something that transcends what you've known and how you've measured life and the time living it thus far. My heart continually pulls me back to this place and convinces me that I must make the annual migration. It's beyond words. Rather, it's the silence of this place that really speaks to me clearly. 
Everything inside your head finally has a moment to surrender to the vast nothingness and you begin to notice something in you becoming more alive. Your senses haven't been so heightened in quite some time that you feel parts of you are actually being resurrected. Who you really are. Who you've always been. The sense that you get to belong to something so much greater and eternal yet so familiar. You feel at home. You realize there is undeniable peace available to you. Everything you are becoming present to means so much more and is even more important to remember and take back with you.
There is something very alive out here that can speak to us, give us dreams, and a hope as it whispers promises to us and awakens the parts of us we forgot existed.

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