This new life: Easter Quarantine 2020


Hoping that you all had a meaningful Easter this Sunday while being in the presence of loved ones virtually or at home and experiencing a time for reflection and gratefulness.


For the past 4 years I've felt my spirit anticipate Easter more and more over any other holiday. What a time of year to contemplate renewal especially in the season we find ourselves in now. I'm beginning to notice in my own story that little things matter more than they used to when you are forced to slow down. Man, I feel like my soul can sometimes catch it's breathe and let out the deep sigh of relief it needs.


Still, nothing is certain in terms of our world, but the reminder that lifted my heart this Sunday was that we can be certain of one thing in our inner lives... "We are simply not made for death. We are made for life." This reality becomes more true as I sit longer and pause to notice the beauty of God in the smaller moments of this world.


There are not a lot of promises going on right now that the world can hold onto, but you and I...we were made to hold onto something through this life. Promises for a better future, the return of Spring, or just the assurance that someone is going to be there for us...always.


This painful moment we find ourselves in is shaking a lot of the promises we've hoped in as we settle into the sobering reality that everything in this world is temporary. But... we were made for life right? Definitely! Life that is more than temporary. A life beyond pain and death, love that lasts forever, a life together always. 

I encourage you this week, take this moment, the rest of 2020 my friends, and set your mind on things above. There is still much in front of us even if it's hard to see through the uncertainty of everything right now. Deep trials dig deep reservoirs and have a history of producing much courage, new faith, and the much needed endurance for what lies in wait. I wish I could physically hug every one of you right now and affirm this truth together. 


There is much more welled up inside, but for now I'm just happy to make some history out of my backyard for now. I love you all. Then, Now, Always

- Troy, Tiff, and Millie



  • Patrick

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Carla Bennett Johnny’s mom

    A most perfect insight. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  • Lisa

    Love you guys… hope…the future…spring…YES!

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