While Your Alive : San Francisco


Give me an excuse to get out to the West Coast and I'll take it every time. After working the final Vans Warped Tour in Mountain View, CA, I had the rare opportunity to spend 3 days with my cousin Chris who drove up from L.A to spend what would be a really sweet moment in our lives together. 

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At first, it was going to be an extra 3 days away from my daughter and wife, but we knew this opportunity would be hard to come by again as both of us are family men with busy and different lives on opposite ends of the country. 

In many ways, my cousin is living out my California dream and I couldn't be more proud of him for how has made it his home. Ever since I visited northern Cali for the first time in 11th grade, my heart has been captured by the vast landscapes and cooler air that lifts my spirit. 

Point Reyes- California-roadtrip-thennowalwaysMuirwoods-sanfrancisco-california-hike-thennowalwayspointreyes-dunes-california-thennowalwayspointreyes-trees-roadtrip-thennowalways

Every time I return, I feel like this is where I'm from. My soul is affirmed and feels welcomed back to where I belong. The deepest things I long for are easily connected here. I feel like I've known this place and it's known me. 


It's amazing how until you arrive to the place your heart longs to take you, do see things from a truer vantage point. You begin to understand how much you appreciate the time you've been given and the people in your life you get to share that time with.


For a moment, the fog in our lives clears and you are met with the reality that your time here is unquestionably precious. Your relationships are all that you have at the end. What you spend your life on, how you invest your energy, where your mind, body, and spirit connect all makes an incredible impact on the time you've been given and in the life of others. 

I will always look back with delight dear cousin on our moments that faded into the bay. Our talks over breakfast, our 30 miles on foot through forest, ocean, and concrete, and our golden pact to watch the sun rest every evening while the warmth of our bond was in our hearts and a little Bulleit Rye was in our chests reminding us how beautiful, hard, and worth it is to be known. Dear Cousin, I sure love you dude. 



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