Our First Family Trip to Arizona

We had been going back and forth on doing this trip since December after having little Millie Quinn. We just flat out didn't know how she would travel at 4 months old. After listening to our guts though, we decided together it's never too early to start showing Millie the world.

Hangin back with Dad by the lady with peanuts

Millie did amazing! She loved flying and didn't cry at all both there and back!

As soon as we hit the ground, it was off to pick up our Soccer Mom Van pick up supplies and snacks for M3F Fest and started setting up the Then, Now, Always booth. 

We booked our Airbnb way early and stayed at a super rad Pool Oasis Home in the guest cottage in back. Absolutely loved it!

Each morning we would walk the neighborhoods and let Millie nap on Mom before Dad went to work the Fest.


We would get to the fest right before doors at 1pm and Millie got to stay and play for the beginning before it got too busy...

One of the main things we do in Phoenix though is brunch hard! Whenever you are visiting, you have to, I mean HAVE TO eat at Vovomeena, Matt's Big Breakfast, and Phoenix Public Market

Our new Canadian Friends flew down for M3F too!

One of the best things we got to do for our 2nd year in a row though was visit The Trinity Church. Not many know, but Tiffany and I had been trying to have a child for probably 6 years or so. After no success, we were starting to get discouraged and wondering if we should look into if there was something wrong. Well, it was here a year ago March 4th 2018 Tiffany and I were listening to a sermon on healing here and she started tearing up. She didn't tell me why till after we came back home to Florida and found out 11 days later on March 15th we were pregnant. But for the first time in a very long time, my wife heard the Lord say to her "I will give you a child". 

So with tears in our eyes, we were able to share this beautiful story with Pastor Mark, who's ministry has had a huge impact on our lives and marriage since we lived in Portland, OR. He prayed over little Millie and us while sharing what a privilege it has been for him to watch his daughter grow in her faith and serve alongside him that Sunday.

So with our soul's filled beyond measure as well as our brunch bellies, we ended M3F on the positive and headed for our first family vacation to Sedona! 

Sedona Blog to follow next week! 

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