Good Friday / Easter 2022 Prayer

Thank you God for a day to live, to breathe, to imagine a real future. Thank you for making a way when every other path was impossible. Every other way unimaginable.

You are everything I have been searching for, yet you found me. You are the door I have longed to open, yet you went through hell and back just to bring me home. I am now forever because you found me in a moment when I asked to be let in. 

- Terlingua, TX (2015)

There is joy, lasting peace, from your sacred and scarred hands that now bring healing to the fatal wound of death. You gave me life from death. How could I be anything but yours? 

Where else has there ever been a love like this? We can't comprehend, we can't calculate the cost, we cannot measure the depth. For we are only human. This love is unimaginable but it is also undeniable.

- Lajitas, TX (2015)

In life, each of us makes a personal journey on the way of the cross. We are confronted with many decisions for or against Jesus. 

He chose the cross and we have the choice whether we will follow him or not. 

- Terlingua, TX (2015)

May our hearts be moved to hear your call, a call to change, and follow you.

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