Seek Sticker

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Then, Now, Always Premium vinyl Diecut Sticker
5" x 3.9"
Y O U   W I L L   S E E K   M E   A N D   F I N D   M E ,  
W H E N   Y O U   S E E K   M E  
W I T H   A L L   Y O U R   H E A R T
Our hearts have been seeking almost all of our lives. Looking for truth. Searching for meaning. There will be times when we are fortunate enough to get a glimpse of what we have been searching for. When we finally feel our hearts beat and our lungs fill. Our soul becomes still. We are thankful for this moment and hopeful for our lives. Like a gift given by someone who knows us truly and all we desire. We become alive. And we will continue to live to for these moments.
Photo @troylano
San Fransisco, CA


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