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W H A T   H A S   B E E N   W I L L   B E   A G A I N ,

W H A T   H A S   B E E N   D O N E  

W I L L   B E   D O N E   A G A I N ;

T H E R E   I S   N O T H I N G   N E W  

U N D E R   T H E   S U N

- E C C L E S I A S T E S 1 : 9

No matter what you or anyone else will do in this life, one thing is certain... the sun will set and rise again. Some days will be overcast and carry pain. Others will warm you but look the same. Yet light can still turn to golden flame. Remember those days, and never forget, more are yet to come.

This is the way it has always been; the setting sun. It’s always beautiful somewhere. It’s amazing when we fully let it draw us in and stay with it until it ends. But it is nothing new, it will be again. The most beautiful things are right here for us. Let it draw you in. Stay with it, and remember it for what it has been.


* Size: unframed 11 X 14
* Signed by @troylano
* Shipped flat (not rolled) with Protective Backing and Clear Bag 

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