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Then, Now Always Premium Diecut Vinyl Sticker
4" x 4.5"
N O   H E I G H T   N O R   D E P T H , 
N O R   A N Y T H I N G   E L S E   
C O U L D   S E P E R A T E   U S  
F R O M  T H E   L O V E   O F   G O D
Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. We often return to places we love the most. Places that give us solitude and remind us of how small we are in a larger picture. We come back to connect to it. To belong to it. And leave forever changed because of it. Just like waves, we return to where we’re from and can change the landscape over time, or be changed by it. We are a part of something so much greater. With no beginning or end in sight, nothing could separate us from this calling, this longing to be known. To belong. 
Photo @troylano
- Oregon Coast


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